Inci Group, which has revealed a stable and sustainable growth since its establishment, decided to move its power in Turkey to Cote d'ivoire. It entered to Cote d’ivoire quickly and steadily and after the necessary feasibility works, it has begun its activities. Inci Group has been continuing its activities by differentiating its investment amount and areas heard on the country safely together since 2010.


It has been continuing its services and investments in the following areas;


  • Inci Construction
  • Inci Ceramic
  • Inci Ready-made Clothing
  • Inci Cement
  • Inci Crushed Stone Plant
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It was established as Inci Groupe Sarl in 2010. The company has brought a new breath to Cote d'ivoire construction with its new construction technologies and wide range of products. Some of the projects carried out by using the product for the first time was a first and was welcomed by the customers.


The company has been operating mainly in construction and contracting works and many areas.


  • Stone Crushing and Sieving Plant
  • Ready Mix Concrete Plant
  • Hospital Infrastructure and Superstructure Works
  • Road
  • Bridge
  • Intelligent Building Construction
  • Modern and secure villa projects, plans and implementation.
  • Interior And Exterior Decoration
  • Architectural Services
  • Project preparation and implementation
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