İnci Group is one of the biggest, dynamic and respected industry organizations of our eminent province of Sakarya, which is involving in ready-mixed concrete plants, mines, gas stations, basalt quarry, building component manufacturing, construction contracting, insurance, tourism and machinery manufacturing.


Our group has been working with the concept of converting its investment four our people that it gained from our country. We have been carrying out our activities in Adapazarı, Hendek, Karasu, Geyve, İznik…everywere that we can extend to create added value.


We are a developing and becoming a stronger family with our staff, customers, vendors and investment partners. We are open for new exerineces, tied to traditions and acting by adopting the motto win in mutul relations. We are aware of the importance of the work we do as Inci Group in order to present Turkey better in the competitive world of future. Our goal is not only limited to increase our regional competitiveness. We have started to work beyond the borders to obtain continuous development and to make our development sustainable. Our group, which has achieved in many different sectors and branded its name, has been continuing its activities successfully in Cote D’Ivoire in order to make a name in foreign trade.


We are a dynamic family, which is following the world’s economic, social and political changes and developments closely, developing its staff, finance, strategy, technology according to regional resources and has a ‘ total quality management’ understanding. Continuing education, it is a natural extension of our understanding. For this purpose, with our internal and external trainings our staff performance is constantly being improved and with counsulting services, the competitiveness of our group company is continuously increased. Inci Group has implemented all of these works so far in the short time since its inception.


We believe that our people deserve the quality of each good and service that we offer them and we are doing our business and our production according to this understanding. A safe life, housing where you can live in confidence, industrial buildings, fuel that you can use safely, aesthetic and a spacious environment….


We believe our God, ourselves, our team that we walk together, our partners and are working with these beliefs. We will continue to work as it was yesterday and tomorrow without compromising on quality, by adding value to them without losing respect for our people and environment that we live together. 

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