Inci Group, that is among the leading groups of Sakarya, first began its commercial life with Incı Oil brand. It has been continuing its activities Adapazarı, Karasu, Hendek districts of Sakarya with its fuel stations.


Then it continues its activities in the construction industry as Inci Concrete brand and reflected its image and confidence in every sector. Inci Concrete has been producing different kinds of concrete to respond the needs in ready-mixed concrete industry such as; standard ready-mixed concrete, ready wet plaster, synthetic fiber concrete, colored concrete, self-compacting concrete, lightweight concrete. It has been giving service with its concrete plants in Adapazarı, Hendek, Karasu and Taraklı districts of Sakarya.


In the following years it showed itself in different sectors and with its Inci Construction brand, that captured differences by vital values keeping at the forefront, that gathered under Inci Group has achieved success in areas such as; residential construction, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, prefabricated buildings, landscaping works, infrastructure and road construction. Our experienced and professional team have been carrying out the varying habitats with a rational, modern and aesthetic line continuously.


The mining sector, which has an important place in the mining sector, is very important for our country. Inci Group has been producing different kinds of materials to ready-mixed concrete plants, road constructions and industrial building constructions according to the needs in its basalt quarry, that is operating in Iznik under Inci Mine; in Karasu, Hendek and Geyve mine quarries. In these quarries, environmentally friendly technologies are used and production is made for the protection and regeneration of the environment.


Inci Concrete, which is shaping stones for modern environment by using all the possibilities offered by the technology, has been producing concrete paving stone, concrete curbs, concrete gutters and similar products to its customers without sacrificing quality with its Inci Stone brand.


Machinery manufacturing industry is the driving force of industrialization. Our group, which is evaluating opportunities growing in stability, has begun to produce vacuum packing machines by entering into machine manufacturing sector with its INVAC brand that it produced with high-technology.

It has been operating in insurance brokerage services under the name of Inci Insurance in different areas such as; car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, travel insurance, private insurance.


INCI GROUP, which has been expanding the scope of its activities in a comprehensive manner since 1989, has managed to take its place among the leading groups by giving importance to quality, excellence, trust, diversity and customer satisfaction. It has been evaluating the opportunities to make investment and enter new business areas in each sector.


In order to develop continuously and make our development sustainable, we have started to work cross-border. Our group, which has achieved success in a wide variety of sectors with its brand name, has been operating its activities successfully under the name of Incı Groupe Sarlu in a North African Country Cote D’ivoire, that has the potential for huge growth in construction contracting and construction and under the name of Indogroupe S.A in import and export and also under the name of Indop Textile S.A in textile store management.


Besides introducing our company whose lifestyle is different from this country, INCI GROUP undertook the task of introducing our country’s culture and spiritual values and introduced its name successfully without losing the country’s political, physical difficulties. Our group has gained an experience that most of the companies could not get and has acquired a good knowledge.


Halit Inci, chairman of board of Inci Group, has maximized the relationship through mutual visits and meetings with the ministers, undersecretaries and managers of non-governmental organizations of Cote D’ivoire and has been instrumental in the acquisition of a new dimension both for our enterprise and relations with our country. Due to our companies and activities in our country, our relations reunited with confidence within frequent visits to this country caused better understanding of the country and further expansion of the political and social environment. Since we are the first major Turkish company operating in the country, perspective of Turkey and our image has reached a very positive point. This is a very positive development in terms of Turkish companies that are operating in our country.


As Inci Group brand is known with its quality and reliability, it will also be known with its quality and reliability with its name in Cote D’ivoire and never been forgotten.


Inci Group, which proved its success in the industry, gave importance to the laws and ethical values and created an image Inci brand, will continue to grow by carrying its experience to future that it has gained since its establishment. 

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