• To accept the related legal legislations of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety and Company Regulations as minimum standards,
  • To organize activities in order to raise the awareness of our employees and suppliers’ Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To manage the risks associated with environmental and occupational health and safety while planning new investments or changes to existing investments,
  • To encourage and promote waste reduction activities by tracking the waste that are formed as a result of activities, to provide re-use, recovery/recyling, make disposal where it is not possible,
  •             To keep environmental sensitivity constantly alive for the prevention of pollution,
  • To detect the hazards that may lead to environmental and occupational accidents and occupational diseases resulting from our activities and manage the risks,
  • To create healthy working conditions for our employees, visitors, contractors and the environment.
  • To ensure the efficient use of energy and natural resources, encourage and support.


In accordance with the aforementioned principles, we are supervising and evaluating the performance on a regular basis of our own activities and our business partners in determining the goals.

We are seeing as the responsibility of all employees of the Inci Group to ensure continuous Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and sustainable development, and we declare that our activities on these matters are available to the public.

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